The Glitter Butt is here and its every bit a beautiful as it sounds

Kaja Knowers

Posted on June 27 2018

glitter butt - The Glitter Army

We all embraced last years festival trend that was Glitter Tits, but this year this glitter is going one step further. The glorious derrieres of thousands of festival goers is all anyone is talking about this summer.

Yes, the glitter butt is here. Adorned with glitter and crystals, this a trend that you might have to take lying down as you can’t exactly sit down on it.

Recreate this stunning look by using our Space Dust glitter or if you want to be eco-friendly, use our  Stardust Bio glitter. Then for the final piece of the pudding, add our glitter tits gems. P.S. You may need a friend to help you do this unless you’re a circus worker.

So what you waiting for?


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