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Glitter beer is here! Will you be trying it?

Kaja Knowers

Posted on March 17 2018


Here at HQ, we are always keen to keep it keep you in the loop with the bizarre new stories from around the world especially if they are topical!

Millennials get a lot of hate, and frankly, we don't get it. Just look at all the amazing food trends they have given us! They reignited our love for avocados, filled our feeds with pictures of mermaid and unicorn inspired drinks and bedazzled our morning coffee and now, they're taking beer to a whole new level.

Now breweries across the country are now experimenting with mesmerizing, glitter-infused beers. This edible glitter is perfectly safe to eat (er, drink!) and will look incredible on our social media posts, which is obviously all any of us care about anyway.

So If you happen to own some edible glitter, we imagine you can throw it into any beer you happen to have available anywhere just in time for St Patricks Day celebrations.

P.S. please don't use our cosmetic glitter :)

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