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Glitter Goals Baby! All you need to know to nail festival style

Kaja Knowers

Posted on February 22 2018

It may still be Winter in the northern hemisphere but it's always festival season somewhere. Australian festival season is approaching and with that, so does the need for festival body glitter!
If you are heading to Summadayze or St Jermone then we've got you covered in all matters of shiny stuff when we hit the festival fields.
Here’s all the ways you can sass yourself up with our glitter this festival season.
Often the hair makes and outfit but not this chic. If you are reminiscing your Spice Girls days then you'll remember that space bun phase. But this time spray your parting generously with hair spray. While the hair is still wet, apply a glitter roots. It might take a few washes to get but if your camping at a festival, just keep topping up every morning!
glitter lipsSMLXL
Wanna give Kylie a run for her money when it comes to your pout? This is the oh so sassy, yet impractical trend of glitter lips. Gloss those puckers and then add a small dusting of glitter but just make sure you don't like your lips as although glitter feels magically, its not for digesting.
Here is where you can really get creative with your glittering! Start with your os so glamorous base and using a mixture of glitter and gems, you can create some out-of-this-world looks. Here's the beautiful Leah creating a lush festival look using our popular Bronzed glitter and face gems. To apply glitter simply use hair gel to skin, and dab glitter onto skin with a brush or fingertip. Then once, its dried, that glitter and moving fo' sho'. To apply the gems, we recommend using eyelash glue to the reverse of gem, wait for it to get tacky and the voila!

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