The Jewelled Brow is this Summers Hottest Festival Trend

Kaja Knowers

Posted on April 21 2018

Jeweled brows The Glitter Army

TOWIE introduced us to the va-jazzle, and then soon came the infamous glitter boobs, closely followed BEHIND by the glitter bum...pun intended! However, the only problem with those trends were that it involved daring to bare and a little tougher to pull off if you were born before the 90's. 

That's why the jewelled brow, is a trend for those that want a simple, yet beautiful way to sass up your festival look without a the risk of exposing a cheeky nip.

Only problem though is you have to be a make-up pro to make this work right?!? NOOO WAY! The Glitter Army have made this years trend as easy as ....

We've created a beautiful set of glitter brows that can be easily applied in seconds. Best of all, in each packet, you get 2 sets of iridescent crystal brows so you can share with your gal pals or use again for another occasion.

So join the glitter brow gang and rain in this years hottest trend!


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