Funfetti Bio Glitter

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The very first of our new 'Eco Warrior' bio glitter range has landed. Funfetti is a beautiful mix of bright pinks and beautiful teals that can help but make you smilePlus best of all, its biodegradable and will biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment.

Our premium mixes come in either 5ml pot, 6gram bags or 30ml glitter pot (containing 12 grams of eco glitter). Our range is one of the largest, sassiest ranges of premium cosmetic glitter at some of the cheapest glitter prices around. All our cosmetic glitter can be used as body glitter, face glitter or to create some amazing face festival glitter looks.

Our glitters are perfect for:

  • Face Glitter - High impact make-up looks for the fashion forward
  • Body Glitter - Make your whole body shine all day!
  • Festival Glitter - Say no to the mud but yasss to chunky glitter

Before use please read our FAQs and to ensure the glitter is suitable for you.