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About us

The Glitter Army was founded in a regular London gal, trying to make a living in the big smoke and founded her company in late 2017 from Estonia, Tallinn.

With a passion for the arts, music, culture and combining a love of festival culture and sparkles, the Glitter Army started as mere ember of an idea that has grown into a bellowing fire with the goal of creating a culture of peace, harmony and love that bring people together.

So what are we about?

We provide cheap glitter but premium quality. All our cosmetic glitters are hand mixed at The Glitter Army HQ, providing the most original, chunky glitter. Whether you want body glitter, or a little glitter dusting on your hair, we are guaranteed to find the right one to suit you.

Our range of chunky glitters are available in over 35 styles available in every colour under the rainbow, The Glitter Army has got you quite literally covered (in glitter that is).

The Glitter Army Team