All-in-One Glitter Tits Body Jewels

All-in-One Glitter Boobs Body Jewels | Glitter Tits | The Glitter Army

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Our all-in-one glitter boob gems are here!

The perfect sparkly accessory for the bold and the sassy, if you want to be the star in the crowd! Our Glitter Tits Gems are sure to create an impact without losing your dignity with a cheeky nip.

Plus team up with our beautiful chunky body glitters to make those infamous assets sparkle this festival season. 

To recreate the look beautifully worn by Influencer @Cotty_Lee use our Space Dust glitter or our Stardust Bio Glitter to make the gems really pop!

For Application:

  • First clean the skin where you intend to apply the body jewels and tape up those nips with plasters.
  • Then carefully peel off the stick and place in the desired area and voila!

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